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Studio 1: Analogtonstudio

The analogue studio of Dennis Rux offers a huge variety of vintage equipment to warm up, improve, and purify your sound.

Dennis is a dedicated musician, and has acquired studio equipment and instruments from the 1920’s up to today – together with the listening habits that come with them. His specific interest is working with a band to create a warm, earthy, and distinct sound. There are many ways to reach this goal: from live recording on 8 or 16-track tape recorders, to a 130-track DAW Project.

By linking sound-defining analogue engineering with the unlimited opportunities a computer offers, productions can be realised that are both modern and classy, i.e. the best of both worlds. Another important feature of the analogue studio is its harmonious, warm and comfortable atmosphere which sometimes makes you forget that you’re not in your own living room.

The analogue studio and its equipment are targeted towards the creative and efficient fine tuning of music productions. A big and comfortable recording room, two additional cabins offering visual contact and a collection of rare instruments and amplifiers contribute to a creative working atmosphere in the sound studio.

Apart from the usual equipment, instruments, and microphones, you will find some real rarities like the big Ampex MM1000 16 Track tape recording machine, the Studer C 37 tube master tape machine, the very rare Telefunken ribbon microphone ELM 25, the microphone tube amp Siemens/Telefunken V72 from the 1950’s, Klein+Hummel Mastering Tube-EQs, EMT plate reverb and much more.

The complete equipment list is available as a pdf.

All in all, Studio 1 offers 3 recording rooms (35 sqm, 7 sqm, 8 sqm), a control room (30 sqm), and one editing room. The studio can also be rented by external producers, with or without a sound engineer.