Welcome to Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Studios!

The Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Studios are a tastefully equipped recording studio in Hamburg with a bunch of great musicians in the Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Family and a fine network of composers, labels, agents and mastering studios.

The Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Studios main facility is located at Hamburger Strasse 182 in Barmbek Süd, Hamburg.
The main studio consists of a 55sqm recording room with superb acoustics and it is loaded with a selection of rare and cool vintage instruments and amps. The Petrof concert grand piano is in perfect playing condition, the Hammond M3 is ready to go (to name just a few). A selection of hard to find vintage microphones are used to pick up the mojo.

The heart of the 50 sqm control room is the 1974 Polygram Console (32/24/4), which was custom-made and designed for the Polygram Wisseloord Studios (Hilversum, NL), the Ampex MM1000 16 Track Tape Recorder and the Tannoy Super Red SMR15xb dual concentric studiomonitors. A Studer C37 Tube Master Recorder, A Studer A80 8 Track Tape Recorder and assorted vintage Limiters and EQs round up the tasteful technical collection.

On the digital side there are 48 Tracks of SSL Alphalink I/O ready to go. For more technical information see

Our services include music production and recording, mixing, arranging, composing and producing music and much more. It is also possible to rent the studio alone and bring your own engineer or producer. In collaboration with our neighbour studio we can provide mastering and vinyl cut.
We can also supply you with experienced musicians, songwriters, mixing engineers and mastering from our Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Family Network.

Dennis Rux

Dennis Rux is a Hamburg based musician & producer and is the owner of the Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Studios. He is/was playing guitar in several bands like The Trashmonkeys, Ronda, Thee Pounders and many more and is running vintage analogue recording studios since 1997.

Over the years he collected a remarkable collection of vintage studio gear and instruments and is experienced in analogue recording techniques.

Matthias Kieslich

Matthias studied the classical „Tonmeister“ at the university of Detmold and finished his studies with a Master in Musicproduction and Producing of classical, jazz and modern Music in 2016. After his Bachelor thesis about quality and design of audiocables he worked as Productmanager for Klotz Cabel in Munich and is working as Musicproducer and Recordingengineer in Hamburg since 2016. Since then he is also a part of the YeahYeahYeah! Studios. At the moment he is also working as a Sound Operator for AIDA Cruises and is responsible as a FOH Engineer for several Bands in Germany

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Hamburger Str. 182,
22083 Hamburg